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On August 15, 2017, Canadian shoegazers The Ludvico Treatment will release Ends, a retrospective compilation of their 10-year recording career. Ends features remastered versions of fan favourites “Olivia, My Love,” “Roads,” and “16:22.”

With Ends, Veenendaal and Kennard are retiring The Ludvico Treatment moniker to focus on a new, soon-to-be-announced project. Ends sees the two looking over their history and, with the help of the live band’s luminaries, picking out the songs they feel best represent the band’s achievements. The Ludvico Treatment muscled its way into Canada’s shoegaze scene before the genre’s recent resurgence, never stopped challenging itself to break new ground, and built a strong live following from a series of riveting shows. Now that legacy is captured in a single album: Ends.


released August 15, 2017

Cover by H.L. Goyer and Alexis Young, booklet designed by Alex Kennard.
All music and lyrics © Veenendaal/Kennard, except where indicated.
Thank you.



all rights reserved


The Ludvico Treatment Toronto, Ontario

Melody & noise from the unbridled Canadian wilderness.

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Track Name: Olivia, My Love [2017 remaster]
Be sneaky, lady, be insecure,
Be misguided and close-minded, elevating and austere.
Appetites are rarely sated, there are deeper needs
Stirring up your callous touch,
So brace yourself and cover up your knees.

Olivia, you are the last thing on my mind,
So why are you hiding on your island, out
among the gravestones?
Where is all the dust of brotherly love now,
Are you hiding on your island, wanting anything but to be alone?

You will be a lavish mourner;
Always the cruellest she alive.
A leaver leaving prayers unsaid
That could not be said.

We’ll need no modern calling, nor the desires of modern man,
Let’s keep ourselves hidden away from more meticulous minds.
Don’t strip for me, I’ll strip for you,
Don’t mourn for me, I don’t want you to.

Madam, you have done me wrong.
Track Name: Listing [2017 remaster]
Dun shadows hang haunt the mornings
As a smile haunting his sleep.

It’s light because
Of the sunrise.
It’s light because
Of the streetlights.
He can’t be here

Secrets prolonged in his silence
Etches away at her eyes.

It’s quiet because
Of the crying.
It’s quiet because
Of the streetlights.
There’s night besides.

Her words are akin to pleasure
Senseless surrealties

That say because
Of the moonlight
That say because
Of the danger
Don’t say because
Track Name: In the Park [2017 remaster]
(Here by the water’s side, I’ll fear)
Her promise is pain
A waste to walk in vain
(Here by the water....)
I have a year to say to you
(What’s that...)
Now hold yourself high
(Here by the water’s side, I’ll fear)
There is nobody like you and I
(Here by the water....)
Please sit at my side
Please remain
(Don’t know what you’re missing
Till it all comes down to it
Don’t know...)
Track Name: The Storm Hits [2017 remaster]
It feels me, this storm,
It wrecks my thoughts.
And yet my skin denies me dead.
Reckless seems the youthful plague I
Covet when soaked
In older things. Soak my remiss, soak my meekness.
Were I of subtle mind still I would find
Reproach in such a shower.

There are stains on these hands that
The rain cannot remove, hard as it will,
And so I, small and pallid, must remain
To weather all.

There is something I have to tell you about everything;
Nowadays everybody knows the price of everything
And the value of nothing.
Track Name: 16:22 [2017 remaster]
Silent vigils for your loved ones
Plagiarizing bold epitaphs
Veiling condescension
Saving face for Sunday mass

Play-acting Revelations
Clutching books never read
Sanctify belligerence and
Bless your hatred

Context is subjective
Unmarked headstones - justifiable wrath
Leviticus cries furious words
Familiar stones

Play-acting Revelations
Clutching books never read
Vanity sees you fated
Crucifix in hand

Leviticus 18:22 “You shall not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”
Deuteronomy 16:22 “Neither shalt thou set thee up [any] image; which the Lord thy God hateth”
Track Name: Boy Gangsters [2017 remaster]
Boy gangsters come at night
All patron saints of structure fires
I know the difference
I know the fate their hearts desire

Come snatch our children, ever deftly
While our grief is spent
These shadows harbour devils
Homes that guard all men repentant
Track Name: Roads [2017 remaster]
Each appearing bend in the road
Reveals another
Bend in the road, breaks away,
Divides the rain-drenched

Don’t go back
Your home is here.

Feel the desperate night
Closing in
And trapping all the
Light around the two
Of you, ask
Yourself what you need

Don’t go back
Your home is here.

And I shall quietly sit
Here on my own
And write another
Song to pass the
Time, it stings like hell,
Like the smoke that’s in my

Don’t go back
Your home is here.
Track Name: Enter Crowd (live) [2017 remaster]
Here is the ashpit of wounds, this bruising shell sings
A lone morning beast surreptitiously burnt out
And left to cracking modes. It is here, this infant hour,
That each child is brought to bear, charged with self-doubt
And I doubt, I doubt every wave and every drop.
The staggered tigers in grand forests still stop
And look and say, “we are speechless, we are speechless.”
And there is horror and there is murder, caress
The glands that shake the black cat’s bones.
These pretty things
Have lost their façade, though beauty does still remain,
A shining face divinity crutched, its glow scant
Upon the scarred earth
That I clearly eat in vain.
Though slaughter is horrid upon this birth I feign,
Blood and ecstasy move withal, oh, I am slain.
Track Name: A Thousand Ambassadors (live) [2017 remaster]
Entrails, weeping, falling, failing,
Entrails, weeping, falling, failing,
Sodden, silk, sudden, failing,
Redux, flaking,

They said people would stop jumping from buildings
But where are we now?

And a thousand ambassadors,
And a thousand ambassadors,

And they said people would stop jumping from buildings
But where are we now?
Track Name: Reducing the Patient by Physic [2017 remaster]
Though our methods seem callous and vile
Such delusions all come with their cost
No pity in chain-links, no empathic scalpel divides
The pure mind is gracious, the tortured man shackled now lost

For our subjects all substance-controlled
Impositions in solitary holes
Lessen the weight of our culture, asylum-abode
Reckless, despondent all hopeless outside of our homes

Send the bastards and ones you’d disown
Modern physical truths balance mind
Though these faces resemble our daughters
Social graces bring solace in kind

Lessen the weight of our culture, asylum-abode
Reckless, despondent, all hopeless outside of our homes
Won’t you hear me now, hear me as your own?
Track Name: Panacea [2017 remaster]
Lucid and ambivalent
On chemicals divine
Disconnect, some slight remorse
The ends speak volumes all

We’re damaged enough

Questioning our intent
One might find truths uncultured
Diffidence can breed rejection
Abject vices all

We’re damaged enough

Redemption is passé
I wish I was my own gun
Glistening, immaculate
Till fallen idols come

Feel the strain of fractured arms
Preserved in sculpture
Deprecated and forgotten
Useless monuments

Redemption’s so passé
I wish I was my own god
Glistening, immaculate
Till fallen idols come

Return us our faith
In our abandoned pleasures and
Forgive us our blatant
Worship of ourselves
Track Name: (dies.) [2017 remaster]
Victory is sweet in its sweetness,
Majesty asks no recompense
For justice and blank scripture.
I will have the death of it.

Where is the sexed green garter,
I ask for nothing more.
These searing gold origins
Pass the maid in her bed.

Where is it?

Let us pass from here to victory,
Though his priests may cry pretense,
It is the bloodied man left who will write the books he shall burn.
Where is the garter?

Lecherous beetles all, I am cleaned of all sins.
These temples all shall be built again, these temples.
And as we march through other forums… Where is it?