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Our debut release: a collection of songs written between 2002-2005 documenting the band's shift from alt-rock to shoegaze.


released June 13, 2007

Recorded and mixed between 2004-2007 at various locations, including:
Riverside Recording, The Red Room and home studios in Calgary and Vancouver

All songs recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Adam Veenendaal with:
Jordan Knight - Mixing on track 10
Stuart Blackie and Justin Wong - Engineering & co-production on tracks 3/5/8/9/10

Tracks 1/2/9/10 written by Adam Veenendaal
Tracks 3 - 8 written by Adam Veenendaal
& Alexander Mark Kennard, lyrics by Kennard

All instruments and vocals by Adam Veenendaal except:
Alexander Mark Kennard - Rhythm Guitar on tracks 6/8; some backing vocals on tracks 4/5
Justin Wong - Synthesizer on tracks 3 & 9
Trevor Larson - Feedback and various noises on track 8
Bryce Wagner - Piano on track 10

Front and back photographs by Adam Veenendaal
Layout and design by Cort Carpenter and Ali Roddam
All music and photographs (c) 2005 - Veenendaal.

Thanks to A. M. Kennard, Bert Veenendaal, Janis Magnuson, Ray Sobol, Wayne Logan, Stuart Blackie, Justin Wong, Guy Docs, Ali Roddam, Cort Carpenter and Don McCollum for their support in realizing this album.



all rights reserved


The Ludvico Treatment Toronto, Ontario

Melody & noise from the unbridled Canadian wilderness.

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Track Name: 16:22
Silent vigils for your loved ones
Plagiarizing bold epitaphs
Veiling condescension
Saving face for Sunday mass

Play-acting Revelations
Clutching books never read
Sanctify belligerence and
Bless your hatred

Context is subjective
Unmarked headstones - justifiable wrath
Leviticus cries furious words
Familiar stones

Play-acting Revelations
Clutching books never read
Vanity sees you fated
Crucifix in hand
Track Name: Affectations
Our crumbling statues
With tattered flags and emblems
Are better off out there
Out in the silent
And masticated landscapes
Along our croix de guerre

Our distant trenches
Disguise the lack of sadness
Pity falsified
The death of closeness
Kills its twin compassion
Empathy beside

Are you dead to us now?
How we’ve let you down

Lifeless pastures and
Reprobate intention
Of infinite refrain
Proud demonstrations will
Never cull redemption
Sanguine thoughts remain
Track Name: Everything, Fire and Notebooks
The pact, it was ended,
The jukebox left burning in the wreckage
And regret laughed at our humanist pretense.
"These lanterns you search for
Will lead to torturous bliss"
And hopelessness is a wholly wretched defence.

Hold me, put your cold arms on my chin,
And here we lie with our fingertips in everything.

Tonight you told me, as you had so many times before,
Of all the troublesome echoes
That haunt you all the more for their insidious truths
And lonely wrought arpeggios.

And I, relieved, have relieved your happy eyes.
Rest now, you'll have forever for your desperate sighs.
And here we lay in our murderous embrace.
Rest now, you'll have forever for your goodbyes.

And here we lay in our murderous embrace.
Rest now, you'll have forever for your goodbyes.
In the eternal here, in the infernal this
You'll have forever for your goodbyes.

In the eternal here, in the infernal this
We couldn't be more paperback gorgeous.
Track Name: Floral Landscapes for the Weak of Mind
I found God on a darkened street
With two legs, two arms and a cigarette between the teeth,
A confident twist at the corner of the lips,
Oh, that terrible smile…

We danced a ballet, screeching tyres
And the smell of gasoline, that time was ours,
A time to repent all the hours I’d spent
Wandering the streets with the wind at my side.

How are you so secure?
Come dance with me
If you think you can dance,
I’ve been looking for some loveless romance
To sweep my legs back to the forested paths
That always seemed too far away.

In the fauna I’ll find you so don’t escape,
There are things in the wild, make one mistake
And they will get you, would I lie to you?
I’ve better things to do these days
Than search the streets for anyone.

Euphoria has drifted over me
And I can still taste its bitter unity
So please give your disease to me.
Track Name: Olivia, My Love
Be sneaky, lady, be insecure,
Be misguided and close-minded, elevating and austere.
Appetites are rarely sated, there are deeper needs
Stirring up your callous touch,
So brace yourself and cover up your knees.

Olivia, you are the last thing on my mind,
So why are you hiding on your island, out among the gravestones?
Where is all the dust of brotherly love now,
Are you hiding on your island, wanting anything but to be alone?

You will be a lavish mourner;
Always the cruellest she alive.
A leaver leaving prayers unsaid
That could not be said.

We'll need no modern calling, nor the desires of modern man,
Let's keep ourselves hidden away from more meticulous minds.
Don't strip for me, I'll strip for you,
Don't mourn for me, I don't want you to.

Madam, you have done me wrong.
Track Name: A Thousand Ambassadors
Entrails, weeping, falling, failing,
Entrails, weeping, falling, failing,
Sodden, silk, sudden, failing,
Redux, flaking,

They said people would stop jumping from buildings
But where are we now?

And a thousand ambassadors,
And a thousand ambassadors,

And they said people would stop jumping from buildings
But where are we now?
Track Name: ...and he is trapped in ever after
It were o'er dead Thames
Them destructive came
The stream seems so far down
And she slips

She grabs for concrete
A hand comes flesh to flesh
The hangman swing
His skin gives off the stench
Of the choice that festers in his head

She hangs o'er dead Thames
Insect crush the same
And she says – “Don't let me down”

Incite the silence
Choice runs through dull head
To pull her living
Or to drop her dead
He tears – fingers tremble lead.

He waters under shame
And pity drives the same
And she sighs – don't let me down

And now he is trapped in ever after
So take the pain held within the parcel
And go down, go down through the years
Track Name: Let Love Come In Through the Window
Kiss me till I'm in a coma
And hold me till my thoughts just wash away.
Need some liquor, honey,
From the bitter tap rusted 'tween your teeth.
Cover my fearful ears
And tell me over and over how much you love me
And tidy my scattered hair,
Whispering promises that in time you'll forever keep.

The glass is cold with the storm outside
But here within the horror lies
And I'm elated, can't keep this sorrow in.
So lay me down and keep me down,
We're maudlin.

Smother my face in hazy air
That pours from your lungs to dizzying peaks,
And wet my cheeks with love's sweet wine,
So never leave this card unturned.
Force my mouth open
And force my fears as far as they can fly,
Wane here with me as I wane
Gently over hours and days, caged and adorned.

Let the clock stop turning, we have no time,
And cross my triumphs with histories lines.
Out toast to us, misunderstood as we are,
Contracts for contact reel in this
Eyeless stare.

How have I offended you so
To have you pour your affection into my breast?
What quiet malice
Moves the malicious adoration in your hand?
But kiss me, touch me gently,
And wear at the memories I call my own
With the leering gentile
Of remorse that I cannot withstand.
Track Name: (everything.)
Track Name: 11.22.63 (hidden track)
(Instrumental hidden track from Romanticism.)