Live At Sanctuary, Vancouver

by The Ludvico Treatment

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Live recording of The Ludvico Treatment rehearsing in front of some friends at Sanctuary studios in Vancouver, 05-20-2011.


released December 20, 2011

Engineered by Adam Veenendaal & Steve Hanker.
Mixed & mastered by Adam Veenendaal at Studio Claremont, Montreal.



all rights reserved


The Ludvico Treatment Toronto, Ontario

Melody & noise from the unbridled Canadian wilderness.

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Track Name: 16:22 (live)
Silent vigils for your loved ones
Plagiarizing bold epitaphs
Veiling condescension
Saving face for Sunday mass

Play-acting Revelations
Clutching books never read
Sanctify belligerence and
Bless your hatred

Context is subjective
Unmarked headstones - justifiable wrath
Leviticus cries furious words
Familiar stones

Play-acting Revelations
Clutching books never read
Vanity sees you fated
Crucifix in hand
Track Name: A Thousand Ambassadors (live)
Entrails, weeping, falling, failing,
Entrails, weeping, falling, failing,
Sodden, silk, sudden, failing,
Redux, flaking,

They said people would stop jumping from buildings
But where are we now?

And a thousand ambassadors,
And a thousand ambassadors,

And they said people would stop jumping from buildings
But where are we now?
Track Name: Panacea (live)
Lucid and ambivalent
On chemicals divine
Disconnect - some slight remorse
The ends speak volumes all

We're damaged enough

Questioning our intent
One might find truths uncultured
Diffidence can breed rejection
Abject vices all

We're damaged enough

Redemption is passé
I wish I was my own gun
Glistening, immaculate
'Til fallen idols come

Feel the strain of fractured arms
Preserved in sculpture
Deprecated and forgotten
Useless monuments

Redemption's so passé
I wish I was my own god
Glistening, immaculate
'Til fallen idols come

Return us our faith
In our abandoned pleasures and
Forgive us our blatant
Worship of ourselves
Track Name: Enter Crowd. (live)
Here is the ashpit of wounds, this bruising shell sings
A lone morning beast surreptitiously burnt out
And left to cracking modes. It is here, this infant
Hour, that each child is brought to bear, charged with self-doubt
And I doubt, I doubt every wave and every drop.
The staggered tigers in grand carved forests still stop
And look and say, “we are speechless, we are speechless.”
And there is horror and there is murder, caress
The glands that shake the black cat’s bones. These pretty things
Have lost their façade, though beauty does still remain,
A shining face divinity crutched, its glow scant
Upon the scarred earth that I clearly eat in vain.
Though slaughter is horrid upon this birth I feign,
Blood and ecstasy move withal, oh, I am slain.
Track Name: Enter Secondary Character. (live)
Bastardize the art form that you call yourself,
a raped and conscious martyrdom of perfect health.
Subtle is the winding that falls back to lust.
Liquid whoring matron fed in starched mistrust.
Track Name: Exit Secondary Character. (live)
Should I have been forever worthless, should I be
So still, but the lack would be my own. Forever
Is a staled bitch if the worn tracks yet prove untrue.
Flesh give me solace, flesh where is your appetite
To starve me with affected boons and scribbled hearts.
There are no words to push the crutch on. There are no
Words left that could breach the words that have since been said.
Track Name: (Dies) (live)
Victory is sweet in its sweetness, majesty
Asks no recompense for justice and blank scripture.
I will have the death of it. Where is the sexed green
Garter, I ask for nothing more. These searing gold
Origins pass the maid in her bed. Where is it?
Let us pass from here to victory, though his priests
May cry pretense, it is the bloodied man left who
Will write the books he shall burn. Where is the garter?
Lecherous beetles all, I am cleaned of all sins.
These temples all shall be built again, these temples.
And as we march through other forums… Where is it?